Using 2.0 Properties to Build Backlinks

Back links are the foundation of search engine optimization. The more anchor text back links you have the better your search engine rankings will be. Each anchor text backlink to your site is a “vote” for your keyword in the search engine eyes. Getting enough anchor text back links to rank front page in the search engines can be time consuming and difficult.

Web 2.0 properites have gained popularity with the search engines lately and you can use this to your advantage. Using the 2.0 sites you can make content that uses the authority of the 2.0 site to give you good rankings and build back links to your own sites.

Using a strategy of building web 2.0 sites that link to each other and your own sites you can effectively “own” the front page of the search engines for your chosen keywords.

What do you think will happen when the top 10 listings for your keyword are all holdings that you have made? I’m going to bet that your traffic and earning will increase incredibly.

Research your choice of 2.0 property for your keywords. If there are already five squidoo lenses about your keyword then move on and see what kind of competition there is for your keyword on Hubpages. Use the 2.0 properties to your advantage and go with the flow.

Make sure you read the TOS of the 2.0 property and adhere to all of the guidelines the set out. There is no reason to abuse a good thing. Follow the rules and you will profit.

Create useful relevant content related to your keywords for each property you create. Link these properties together and then to your money site. Don’t stop there! Build back links to your Web 2.0 sites with article marketing and other 2.0 sites.

Create a veritable feast for the search engines for your keywords. With the popularity of 2.0 properties right now it’s as easy as taking candy from a baby to get front page rankings for your keywords. Give it a shot.